II International Conference on Teaching Grammar

LogoCongrésABetween January 27th and 29th, 2016, the II International Conference on Teaching Grammar took place at the Faculty of Education of the University of Valencia.

The conference, organized by the Research Group in Language Teaching (GIEL), focused on the role of grammar in the teaching of languages ​​(first, second or foreign) in the different stages of education, from different approaches (with reflection on language, attention to form, metalinguistic activity and writing, linguistic theories and teaching of grammar, beliefs of teachers and students, diachronic perspective on the role of grammar in language teaching, pedagogical grammar and school curriculum). The research considered both epistemological and methodological issues as well as practical aspects.

After the positive results of the first congress, it was decided that the general theme and the sections of free communications would be maintained. However, in this edition, symposiums organized by research groups that revolve around the theme of the congress were also accepted. Likewise, a workshop was conducted by Ignacio Bosque (Royal Spanish Academy) and a round table on cognitive grammar and teaching took place, coordinated by Llorenç Comajoan (University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia).

Link to the 2016 Congram page: https://congram2016engl.wordpress.com/

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Inaugural lecture “From theoretical grammar to school grammar and back”, by Dr. Richard Hudson (University College London):
Conference “L’histoire de la grammaire scolaire et les disciplines voisines: l’exemple français”, by Dr. André Chervel (Service de istoire de l’éducation. INRP)
A tribute to “30 years of Grammar in the basic school of Anna Camps”, coordinated by Xavier Fontich (GREAL -University of Exeter) and Teresa Ribas (GREAL – UAB)
Dialogue on grammar and teaching between Ignacio Bosque (RAE – UCM) and Anna Camps (GREAL – UAB), moderated by Carmen Rodríguez Gonzalo (GIEL – UV)
Round table on the cognitive contributions to the teaching of grammar, coordinated by Llorenç Comajoan (UVic-UCC) with Maria Josep Cuenca (UV), Alejandro Castañeda (UGR) and Felipe Zayas (GREAL)
Session rapporteurs’ reports with Mara Fuertes (OU) and Mariona Casas-Deseures (UVic-UCC)
Session rapporteurs’ reports with Mara Fuertes (OU) and Mariona Casas-Deseures (UVic-UCC)