García-Pastor and Miller present their research at the GIEL Research Seminar

María Dolores García-Pastor and Ronan Miller present the current state of their research on stammering and learning English as a foreign language at the GIEL Research Seminar that took place at the Faculty of Teaching of the University of Valencia on September 12, 2017. Professor Maria Luísa Álvarez Pereira from the research group PROTEXTOS (University of Aveiro, Portugal), was also invited to this seminar to offer a presentation on multimodal methodology for collecting and analyzing data in research on the process of writing.

García-Pastor and Miller corroborated the results of their study so far, which indicate that learners who stutter (LWS) present higher levels of foreign language anxiety (LA) than learners who do not stutter (LWDNS), but in writing, the latter report higher LA levels than the former. Both researchers conclude that it is necessary to explore the anxiety that both student populations experience before and during the writing process in L2/LE to answer some questions, and ultimately improve the learning experience of both groups in written composition.