Luisa Alvares presented the International InterWriting Project on September 12, 2017

To promote the exchange between researchers from different universities, the GIEL group invited Dr. Luisa Alvares Pereira (University of Aveiro-Portugal) to participate in a workshop at the School of Education. The researcher, a specialist with in depth experience in the didactics of written composition, reported the latest research carried out in the International InterWriting project that includes researchers from Brazil, Portugal and France.

Although the mentioned project seeks to understand the process of written composition in a classroom context, Dr. Alvares’s intervention – entitled Multimodal Registration Methods in School Writing Process Research – focused, on one hand, on showing different ways of collecting data on writing composition in the classroom from different angles (video recording, transcription and subtitling of interactions, analysis of texts and interactions among children, etc.). Secondly, Dr. Alvares showed computer programs that facilitate research. All these instruments help to understand better some aspects of writing such as the processes of genesis and textual revision in children who write texts for the first time in the classroom.

At the end of Dr. Alvares’ intervention, reflections on writing were discussed between the attendees and the Portuguese teacher contrasting some of the results of the Portuguese-Franco-Brazilian research and those carried out by the different members of the GIEL group.